Horrorfield MOD APK 2022 (Unlocked All + Unlimited Money)

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Horrorfield MOD APK is a highly addictive multiplayer game that combines many genres. Players can choose between different characters with unique skills and make the most of them. Players can participate in many exciting activities and earn potential rewards together in the game.

Many different maps in the Horrorfield allow players to experience different gameplay scenarios every time they play. Players can also upgrade their weapons or buy new ones from unique shops around the map if they have enough money left after each battle.


♀ App NameHorrorfield (MOD)
🔄 Versionv1.4.12
🔧 DeveloperSkytec Games, lnc
📅 Updated1 day ago
📁 Size140 MB
⚠️ Root RequiredNo
🔎 GenreAction
🔑 RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and above
🔓 MOD InformationUnlocked Everything
🔗 Get it onPlayStore
💲 PriceFree
Horrorfield APK MOD

Storyline of Horrorfield MOD APK

The horror game Horrorfield offers the gamer many thrilling moments and thrilling elements. Many exciting activities occur regularly every week, such as the daily mission or challenge. Daily missions usually require players to complete specific tasks within a particular time limit to get rewards. For example, killing 15 zombies, collecting five keys, or opening ten doors. 

There are many different modes in the game. In the first mode, you will have to join other players and form a team to defeat enemies and complete missions. You can upgrade your weapons and armor, build your base and even customize your character’s appearance.

The second mode is called Survival Mode. In this mode, players must survive against zombies and other monsters by finding food or as much as possible. In the third mode, “Zombie Rush,” players can control different types of zombies, such as Infected or Humanoid infected. Other modes are also available, including invasion, deathmatch, and time attack modes.

Key Features

The key features of the Horrorfield MOD APK hack are given below in detail:

  • The player will take control of a team of four heroes who must face off against monsters controlled by AI or other players.
  • Each hero has skills and strengths that players can use during combat to achieve victory over others.
  • A vivid 3D graphics engine integrated with high-definition face-mapping technology.
  • It offers customizable characters and equipment in real-time.
  • Various missions and quests to complete, including World War II-based missions against zombie enemies.
  • Real-time multiplayer mode for up to four players at once.
  • Action and strategy are combined with horror in this unique game mode.
  • A variety of pets are there, each with its characteristics and skills.
  • Offers a lot of horror stories about blood, death, gore, and other exciting things.
  • Extensive customization options for your pet so that you can make them truly yours.
  • An easy-to-use user interface makes it easy to start playing right away.
  • Become a PVP warrior and compete against other players worldwide.

Special Features: Horrorfield MOD APK Latest Version

The remarkable features of Horrorfield APK MOD are given below in detail:

Unlock new levels

Players can unlock new levels and advance further in the game by playing its level system. The levels get harder as you progress through them, so you must keep playing this game to unlock new maps and levels like Garena Free Fire MOD APK

Variety of weapons

In addition, there are different types of guns available for players to use the Horrorfield MOD menu APK, each with its unique set of abilities. Players can choose between shotguns, rifles, and pistols when playing this game. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages over the other types of guns available for use like Dino Hunter MOD APK

Different modes

The Horrorfield multiplayer MOD APK features both single-player and multiplayer modes and is set in a fictional universe where humans have been forced to live underground due to an outbreak of a deadly virus called “Horror.” Players take on the role of one of six characters who have been infected with the virus and fight other players to stay alive like Magic Rampage MOD APK

How to play Horrorfield MOD APK?

Following are some hacks to play Horrorfield game with full potential:

  • The first thing you need to do is collect all of your ammo from the enemies you kill. You will find a lot of ammo on dead bodies and in weapons, so try not to waste it by using it on the same enemy multiple times.
  • When you enter a new area, always look around for enemies and try to find food or other items that will help you stay alive longer while playing this game.
  • Always check all spaces around buildings before entering them because there might be enemies hiding inside them waiting for you.

How to download Horrorfield MOD APK

Steps to download and install the Horrorfield MOD APK are given below:

  • The first step is downloading the Horrorfield MOD APK from the link below.
  • The second step is installing the Horrorfield MOD APK on your android device.
  • After installing, you will see a notification that says “approved” on its screen.
  • You can now use this app for free and enjoy unlimited coins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Horrorfield MOD APK?

Horrorfield MOD APK is a game that lets you play as a character. In this game, you are given great freedom and options to customize your character, weapons, and even the map. This game also features an extensive amount of levels that you can play.

Can I get unlimited money in the Horrorfield game?

Yes, you can get unlimited money in this game because it is available at no cost on the Play Store. Our website also offers unlimited money for download through this MOD APK.

How many maps are there in the Horrorfield APK mod?

There are nine different maps in the Horrorfield MOD APK, each with its unique gameplay scenario. Each map has its fantastic set of enemies and features like unique shops where players can upgrade their weapons or buy new ones from unique shops located around the map if they have enough money left after each battle.

Final Words

Horrorfield MOD APK is a thrilling and exciting game that can not be summarized in words. It is a fun game that makes your time enjoyable and increases your skills. If you love shooting games, do not wait to get it from here.

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