Megapolis MOD APK 2022 v6.11 (Unlimited Everything)

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Are you in this post to download Megapolis MOD APK? Then carry on with reading.

Megapolis is a game about building cities. You can design and build anything you want. You can make atomic power plants, hospitals, educational institutions, supermarts, sky rappers, etc. In this game, you can build your City in an infinite number of ways.

Initially, building megastructures like airports, skyscrapers, and tunnels is tough because tons of megabucks and game money are needed, which are hard to earn. You can download Megapolis MOD APK to get unlimited money and megabucks for limitless gameplay. Let’s dive deep.

File Information: Megapolis MOD APK

♀ App NameMegapolis (MOD)
πŸ”„ Versionv6.11
πŸ”§ DeveloperSocial Quantum Ltd
πŸ“… Updated1 day ago
πŸ“ Size102 MB
⚠️ Root RequiredNo
πŸ”Ž GenreStrategy
πŸ”‘ RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and above
πŸ”“ MOD InformationUnlimited Everything
πŸ”— Get it onPlayStore
πŸ’² PriceFree
megapolis mod apk


Megapolis is an online game where you need to create your own City. The goal? To unite all business offices within one specific area and extract oil from resources found in different locations around town. When people start living in your City, new buildings will unlock in the game. You can also visit other players’ cities for trade opportunities or battle them on behalf (or against) of their installed cannons. 

Features: Megapolis MOD APK Latest Version

The mind-blowing features of Megapolis mod APK are the following:

Natural monuments and buildings

Megapolis lets the players build structures that will make the City more valuable. After creating a structure, you can upgrade and modify it later. Initially, you cannot start big because the player needs money, and it is hard to get tons of money, but in the Megapolis hack MOD APK, you will get unlimited money. You also need to collect resources before building new buildings to give it a sense of the City.  

Big airports

You can make your Megapolis city look more professional and realistic by making it an ideal place for living by creating large public transport structures. Amazingly, you can create mega airports and manage them to make people travel worldwide. In Megapolis, you can create an airport effortlessly, which is not a simple task in the official version.

Close neighbors

The player’s goal in this game is to make their City grow and thrive by collaborating with others. To do so, they can share items or other materials between neighbors. It makes sure everyone has what they need for success. You can share stuff and other things to help each other grow in the game like Bahubali The Game MOD APK.

Complete residential infrastructure

Building a building in a game will take a certain amount of time depending on its complexity. Simple buildings will take less time to build. But if the building is more complex like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty, it will take more time to build. Megapolis hack APK does not have too complex constructions, but you still need strategic thinking for the game to be successful.

megapolis mod apk

Solid strategies

In the Megapolis MOD APK game, you have to plan your buildings carefully. You have to look at what is going on in the real estate world. One thing that can change is the location of your structure. If you are not aware of its manipulation, you can not build a city as you plan.

Special graphics

Megapolis is a game that has 3D graphics. You can play it on your PC and mobile device. The graphics are magnificent, and you will enjoy playing the game. It is fun to play with people, machines, and other games. The colors are nice too. Players who like Building Simulator-type games will like this one too because of how good it is getting.

Unlimited cash

This game’s main currency is coins. You can buy things in the game, such as buildings and decorations, utilizing this money. If you need more money to buy these things, you can download Megapolis MOD APK unlimited everything so that money will already be available when you start the game. The game does not require any real-world money like Roblox MOD APK all things unlocked.

Unlimited megabucks

Some buildings in the game can not be bought with coins, and they demand Megabucks. You might think, “How do I get megabucks?” but do not worry. Megapolis MOD APK unlimited everything lets you enjoy all the features of the game without having to spend real money to buy Megabucks.

No ads

With the Megapolis hack APK, you can manage your ads. This is not very fun for game players, but they have to do it. In the modded version, you do not have to bother with ads because they are already taken care of. It is a good service for gaming players, too, and they do not need to buy anything else.


Megapolis MOD APK’s anti-ban feature ensures that you will never get banned. You can enjoy creating mega structures using your game awareness and unlimited money without watching peaky ads. So, enjoy the endless possibilities in this game like Hackers MOD APK.

How to download Megapolis MOD APK file?

After strictly following the steps mentioned below, you will be able to download Megapolis cracked APK:

  • The internet connection in your mobile device is the prerequisite to start the downloading process
  • Make sure that your mobile device’s OS is compatible with the modded game Android 4.4 or above are compatible onesΒ 
  • Click on the “download” to begin the downloading of Megapolis MOD APK unlimited everything
megapolis apk mod

How to install Megapolis APK MOD?

Once the Megapolis City Building Simulator MOD APK file is downloaded on your device, these steps are crucial for its installation.

  • Allow your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to install apps from “unknown sources.”
  • Go to the APK segment in your device’s “File Manager” app, where you will get Megapolis City Building Simulator urban strategy MOD APK. Click on it for installing it
  • You can enjoy this unique simulation game where you can create a city from nowhere without any restrictions
megapolis mod apk

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to hack Megapolis?

Hacking any game, including Megapolis, is possible, but the outcomes can not be in your favor like there will always be a possibility that your ID gets banned. You should download Megapolis Unlimited Megabucks Android APK if you want to get rid of useless ads popping on display in the official version frequently. 

Can I play Megapolis Unlimited Megabucks for free?

Our developers have put in a lot of time and effort to tweak the official version of the Megapolis game to make a modified version that fulfills the versions of passionate players. Even though Megapolis Hack APK is free from annoying & ridiculous ads, it gives unlimited money, and megabucks and comes with everything unlocked, but we still offer it for free. 

Is it safe to go for Megapolis MOD APK unlimited megabucks and coins download?

Nothing wrong with downloading and enjoying Megapolis MOD APK unlimited money because it is anti-ban means your ID will never be banned for any reason. Apart from that, the APK file we have published is fully secure and free from any harmful code. So, download it and enjoy the restrictionless gameplay of Megapolis.


If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding game, then this is the perfect game for you. With so much to do in Megapolis, you will find yourself playing for hours without getting bored. Apart from that, there are many opportunities to grow your City over land and water, providing an experience like never before. So what are you waiting for? Install Megapolis MOD APK latest version right now and start building up your virtual world.

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